What is SmartSepta

Smart Septa by ILT uses groundbreaking Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) to digitally track and manage sample information. From sample identity and characteristics to storage location, Smart Septa digitally records any and all information entered by the user for a particular sample. With a quick scan of the embedded RFID tag, all digitally recorded sample information is quickly recalled in seconds.

Each RFID tag has a unique identification code specific to that RFID tag and consequently the stored sample. Since the RFID tag is embedded within the septa it cannot be manipulated physically, unlike barcodes labels that can peel off, fade over time or exposure to temperature extremes. Smart Septa with RFID technology can be used in a wide range of temperatures without affecting the readability of the RFID tag or the information stored under the RFID identification code.

The Smart Septa web based software allows easy customization of the input fields so all stored sample information is up to the end user. With Smart Septa options from individual caps and septa in various sizes to entire well plate mats, ILT’s Smart Septa will meet all of your labs sample storage information needs.